Technical Support News

Software update for ArcPower 36/144

We have released a software update for ArcPower 36/144 , correcting storing procedures when saving Auto start program and Program Save. The updates are available for download here.

Certificate updates

The following new or updated certificates have been uploaded to the Downloads section (login required):

Certificate ETL ArcLink3

Certificate ETL - ArcPower 36 & ArcPower 144

Certificate ETL - ArcLine 12-36 & ArcLine...

Software update for ArcPad Xtreme SingleColor

DMX Software update for ArcPad Xtreme™ is available here, bringing improvements in RDM protocol.

Website updates

Updates in the downloads section of Anolis website.

Updated user manuals and new certificates uploaded

Following updated user manuals were uploaded:

User manual ArcPower 4x 48 MCUser manual ArcSource 24 MCUser manual ArcSource Inground 24 MCUser manual ArcSource Outdoor 12User manual ArcSource Outdoor 12&36User manual...

Renewed declarations of conformity

Renewed declarations of conformity for the following products were uploaded:


Declaration for_AP36_ArcPower_144_2011Declaration for_AP36_ArcPower_36_2011Declaration for_AP36_ArcPower_360_2011Declaration...

Update of user manuals

We have updated user manuals with some minor text editing modifications for the following products:

User manual ArcLine Outdoor Optic 3&6&12&18&24&36User manual ArcPad 94 Integral & ArcPad 94...

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