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04.11.2011ArcControl 128™

ArcControl 128™

ArcControl 128 brings the dimmer switch into the 21st century, the simple glass touch interface is backed by world leading lighting control software which allows creative programming for all types of applications. The 3 basic...

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02.11.2011Cyber Arch™

Cyber Arch™

Second generation of the Cyber Control software contains many new and improved features and functions, including support for both 32/64-bit computer versions, new Easy Stand Alone PRO software and newly designed hardware...

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08.06.2011ArcControl 1™

ArcContol 1™

The ArcControl 1 is a standard wall mounted playback 512 DMX controller. The compact component size of the electronic heart of the ArcControl 1 means it can be mounted to any standard back box UK/European or USA. LED back-lit...

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07.07.2008ArcControl 1024™

ArcControl 1024™

Anolis ArcControl 1024 is a feature-rich, fully programmable DMX controller, designed to offer comprehensive and intuitive control of all Anolis fittings as well as third party DMX controlled luminieres. It is ideal for the...

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