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29.11.2012Anolis and Robe Perform at Penthouse Club San Francisco

Penthouse Club, San Francisco, US

The newest Penthouse Club franchise to open in the US is located on Broadway Street in San Francisco’s charismatic, bustling North Beach district, complete with a huge lighting scheme utilising Anolis LED fixtures and Robe’s...

Kategorie: Club & Bar

28.08.2012Anolis & Robe - A Nuclear Fusion at Meinl Dance

Anolis & Robe - A Nuclear Fusion at Meinl Dance

Every building has a story, and these can often have a special scene-setting effect in the pursuance of lively social interaction. Meinl Dance, the latest and hottest new club on the scene Novy Jicin, Czech Republic, is a prime...

Kategorie: Club & Bar

20.10.2011Anolis Finds a Safe Haven

Haven, Miami, Florida

Haven is an intimate, vibey, exclusive restaurant in the trendy South Beach district of Miami, Florida, featuring a fabulous Anolis LED lighting scheme created by lighting designer David Chesal and Mike Boles, the venue's...

Kategorie: Venue, Club & Bar

08.08.2011Anolis in Penthouse Style

Anolis in Penthouse style (Photo credits: Richard Anderson)

Nearly 1000 Anolis LED fixtures - featuring a full spectrum of current products including Anolis ArcSources, ArcLines and ArcLinks - have been utilised in a spectacular lighting scheme installed at the newly opened Penthouse Club...

Kategorie: Club & Bar

08.03.2011Anolis at The City Club

Anolis at The City Club

The City Club in Rožnov is one of the most popular night destinations in Moravia, Czech Republic, and with a stunning contemporary design for the whole space - which also includes a coffee bar, a small casino and a restaurant as...

Kategorie: Club & Bar

22.02.2011Duel Role in Sports Bar for Anolis

Duel Role in Sports Bar for Anolis

Architect Karel Janča decided on a fresh and vibrant approach when he was asked to design a completely new interior scheme for the Duel Sports Bar in the town of Zubří, Czech Republic.

Kategorie: Club & Bar

04.08.2010It's a Blue Martini for Anolis!

It's a Blue Martini for Anolis!

A new Anolis LED lighting installation has been specified and installed by Griffin Automation at the Blue Martini club on Fort Lauderdale Beach, Florida, USA.

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